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This year spring sprung early, in fact it’s the earliest spring we’ve had in years thanks to the leap year!   Although the first few weeks of spring didn’t feel that springy-thanks to our Saskatchewan forecast of 7 days straight snow, rain, slush, and general soul killing dreariness.  Although it might be too early to jump into the yard and start raking up dead grass, or perhaps like at our house cleaning up all the treats the dogs have left..oh joy-there are other projects you can take on in prep of a new season!  Here is a few things I do every year to help me prepare


1.) Put away your really warm winter wear.  In Saskatchewan we experience all four seasons. I was recently watching a show filmed in California, one of the characters mentioned she’d never had the chance to watch the leaves change colour in the fall. Sometimes I take for granted that every season has it’s beauty.  Where was I going with this?! ah yes- because we do have all four seasons us burly Canadians have learnt to dress for the weather, which can include string bikinis all the way to down filled parkas, SO in prep for spring, I like to switch out my wardrobe.   I also get all my parkas dry cleaned prior to packing them away, so that when I pull them out again they’re ready to wear.

2.) Clean out the garage- If your home is anything like ours the garage becomes a catch all for anything and everything that doesn’t have a specific “home”.  I find our garage gets particularly cluttered during winter because anything that might have overflowed into the yard remains surrounded in dust bunnies in the corners of the garage. So I like to also try to organize anything we won’t be using come spring.  Lucky for me my husband is extremely handy and has built a lot of good storage that if kept organized can help keep the clutter to a minimum.  I like using baskets within the cabinets he built to keep beanies, mitts, etc together and to hide come spring.   This is a great time to also put away any winter sports equipment, for example hang or store away cross country skis, ice fishing gear, and toboggans- You don’t need to trip over these items when you’ll be riding a bike in no time!

3.) Declutter your home- I live in the city of Warman ( City of Warman)  We are so fortunate to have a spring and fall clean up.  The city workers go around alleys and will pick up basically anything you’d like to rid your home of.  This could include furniture, mattresses, extra household garbage, and anything not worth donating. USE THIS SERVICE-Why not it’s free,? All you have to do is haul everything to the back alley!  It feels so good to get ride of junk you’re not using-try it!

Voila spring ready!